San José

This Latin American destination has become one of the darlings of sustainability lovers. San José offers a surprising assortment of museums, theaters and different types of interests.

Immerse yourself in European culture and food and architecture in this attractive Central American capital city.

Discover the heart of San Jose, where the iconic National Theater proudly takes center stage as a cultural gem, cherished by both Costa Ricans and visitors alike. This historic venue has been the vibrant home to the finest national and international artists.


Beyond the city limits, an array of captivating day tours awaits, unveiling the most awe-inspiring natural wonders within and beyond the Central Valley. Dive into a world of adventure sports and exploration activities, making every moment in San Jose a gateway to unparalleled experiences. Uncover the secrets of this dynamic city – where culture, nature, and adventure converge in a captivating symphony

Tours & Activities!

Póas Volcano

The Poás volcano is one of the most visited volcanoes in Costa Rica. This has a lot to do with the proximity to the capital city of San José. The beautiful and dense National Park Forest surrounding the volcano makes it an ideal place to escape from everyday pressures near the city.

National Theatre

The National Theater is a building of historicist architecture completed in 1897. It is considered one of the most important buildings in national history, and the main architectural jewel of the city of San José.


The interior of the National Theater is as impressive as the exterior, with the famous sculptures of Pietro Bulgarelli, who created the three statues that crown the façade, which represent dance, fame and music.

City tour

Let us be your guide, your storyteller and your companion as we discover the secrets of this fascinating destination. Book your tour today. San José is waiting to capture your heart!

Nightlife in San José consists of incredible international cuisine restaurants, bars, and casinos.

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