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Welcome to our real estate world!
Are you ready for a unique adventure in the real estate investment sector? We are two passionate experts, with deep market knowledge, who have decided to share the beauty and opportunities offered by the stunning coasts of Costa Rica.
Our company has over 30 years of experience in building luxury residences in picturesque Italian villages, all this combined with the goal of giving our costumers a smart and affordable real estate investement.
For two years, we have lived here, immersed in the culture and beauty of this country, and we have decided to make available to people around the world the opportunity to realize the dream of a vacation home or investment in one of the happiest and most welcoming places on earth. Our goal is simple yet ambitious: we want to bring the best of Made in Italy to the heart of Costa Rica, offering dream residences surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and postcard-perfect weather all year round.
Each property is a perfect fusion of Italian elegance and the relaxed and adventurous lifestyle of Costa Rica. Whether you are looking for a vacation home, a profitable investment, or simply a place to retreat and enjoy life, we are here to help you realize your dream.
Explore our website, discover our properties, and contact us to start your journey to owning your dream property in Costa Rica! Come discover your slice of Italian paradise in magical Costa Rica!
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Example Properties

New Project Start Soon!

Villa Girasole

Villa Exora

Suite Iris

Palma Plus Apartment

Villa Magnolia

Suite Palma America

Suite Palma

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